Stimulate All 6 Of Your Senses

October 7th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

Stimulating our five senses drives us to do almost everything that we do. We eat the finest in gourmet cooking. We go to the beach to listen to the waves crash or the breeze move through the dunes. We spend hours at museums simply staring at paintings, photos, sculptures and installations. We buy the softest sheets for our beds for that luxurious feel on our skin as we climb into bed. We wear designer perfumes for their sweet and sexy aromas. How often, though, do we find something that stimulates all five of our senses? Luckily you don’t have to look far because Figenza Fig Flavored Vodka does just that.

From the moment you see that beautifully crafted reverse frosted bottle you know you’re in for something special. A bottle this eye-catching with its dynamic, rich purple coloring and unique fig leaf inlay surely speaks to the quality of what’s inside.

There’s nothing that wets your appetite for a premium flavored vodka cocktail like the sound of ice clinking into a shaker and the sound of the cool liquid being poured. You listen as the bartender shakes your cocktail and then pours it into a tall glass with a splash as your friends chat and laugh around you.

The bartender slides your drink over and as he does the sweet and delicate aroma of the fruity fig takes over your nose. It’s fresh but not overpowering scent makes your mouth water.

As you take your first sip you immediately notice its dynamic sweetness. It’s distinctive and fruity, yet it blends with the other ingredients in a way that enhances their flavor without drowning them out.

Its cool touch on your tongue and its smooth finish are so refreshing and make you want another sip but you stop and wait for a few moments because you want this experience to last.

It’s now that you realize that this innovative, ultra-premium flavored vodka is also indulging your sixth sense…for fun.

Stimulate all six of your senses with Figenza Fig Flavored Vodka.

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