Cocktail Culture & Flavored Vodka

March 23rd, 2013 BY splendoradmin

What do you think of when you hear the word “cocktail”? No doubt your favorite mixed drinks come to mind. Whether for you that means a highball, cosmopolitan or a vodka martini – shaken not stirred – there’s no denying that cocktail culture would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the number of flavored vodkas entering the market in droves.

As a rule we, as Americans, are passionate about what we consume. We take great pleasure in finding the best in food and drink and in sharing them socially. America’s attraction to a good stiff drink and fabulous company to share it with go hand in hand. Who doesn’t feel just a little bit fancier having a cocktail in hand? Since the term “cocktail” was coined over 200 years ago, our love affair with night life and the mixed drinks that go along with it has grown and so – cocktail culture was born.

Since the days when cocktails first gained their name and their recognition in the 1800’s they have evolved and matured to a point in which certain lucky individuals are able to make a living simply by discovering new and interesting ways to make their mark on cocktail culture. Early on a cocktail only needed to consist of spirits, sugar and bitters.  Now, with the never ending and ever increasing selection of flavored vodkas and mixology techniques, cocktails of the present by definition are almost indistinguishable from cocktail recipes of the past. It is this growth and change over time that has helped to contribute to the cocktail culture we know and enjoy today. Cocktail culture isn’t only about what mixed drinks you favor, it’s about the atmosphere and ambiance that just the word “cocktail” brings to mind. Sipping on a delicious cocktail while surrounded by friends in a chic and fun atmosphere is what it’s all about.

Cocktail culture demands the highest quality and the most interesting combinations from its mixed drinks. Here to rise to that challenge is Figenza, fig flavored vodka. Figenza’s fresh and unique flavor makes it the perfect choice to spice up classic cocktail recipes or to create something new and exciting. Figenza stands apart from the crowd as a truly unique flavored vodka. In many ways, Figenza Vodka is similar to esoteric liqueurs in that it has a distinct flavor all its own. Though it is also highly mixable, it is distinct and different than many familiar vodkas.

To learn how Figenza fig flavored vodka can spice up some of your favorite cocktail recipes visit our cocktail recipe page. To find out how you can purchase Figenza fig flavored vodka, visit our Where to Buy section here.


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